Hej there,
I'm Franzie, a 20 year old girl from Germany.
I’m a speed addict. I love motorsports, especially Formula One.
I’m also a huge fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy and so on and on and on :) atm I'm also totally crazy about Game of thrones!
If you wanna know more about me, my favorite drivers, characters, etc. just check up „inside“ or feel free to ask me whatever you like. I'm always glad to meet new people, so just say "hi" if you've got nothing better to do :)

oh, also I'm totally crazy about kangaroos, they're so great, I still don't believe they really do exist?!


I don’t really care what you say or the papers write. It doesn’t lead anywhere. All of the papers are so full of shit.

Kimi Raikkonen (via fuckyeahf1)


Smedley turning a delightful Ferrari red in a tenth of a second as he takes it upon himself to inform the British viewing public that he and Felipe aren’t being biblical.