Hej there,
I'm Franzie, a 20 year old girl from Germany.
I’m a speed addict. I love motorsports, especially Formula One.
I’m also a huge fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Arrow, Sons of Anarchy and so on and on and on :) atm I'm also totally crazy about Game of thrones! (especially Kit ♥)
I also love music, you could say more than life itself! (Nirvana, Frank Turner,, KoL, David Bowie, Fun., Phoenix, Kakkmaddafakka, Ja Panik, etc.)
If you wanna know more about me, my favorite drivers, characters, etc. just check up „inside“ or feel free to ask me whatever you like. I'm always glad to meet new people, so just say "hi" if you've got nothing better to do :)

oh, also I'm totally crazy about kangaroos, they're so great, I still don't believe they really do exist?!


(On his ambitions) “World domination? I’m German, but I didn’t say that…and I have no moustache.”

Sebastian Vettel (via making-excuses)

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Australian Grand Prix (Albert Park, Melbourne) - 2013 [04/04]

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gemjamgem replied to your post:4, 10 :)

    I supported Ralf as a kid for exactly the same reason! And Mark-Mitch would have been so epic :D

really? I love you!! :D :D no one ever understood me and even as a kid all my classmates kept laughing when i was wearing my Ralf-cap cause I was supporting the “wrong brother”

And M&M would have been way more than epic!! But also way too much sass to let me survive a whole race weekend… it would have been my end :D
thekidsfrom-paxamdays asked
1, 7, 31, 33

1. Who is your favourite driver?
both Nicos, JEV and Button. But there are manymanymany more I really like :)

7. Best track
Really like Spa, Monaco is always great to watch, too. But I really love catalonia, don’t even know why :))

31. Best race
this season? australia I guess.

33. What is the conversation radio that you most marked?
"Don’t think so, Britney’s in the wall, mate"

thanks for asking :))

gemjamgem asked
4, 10 :)

4. What is your first memory in F1? Well I dont remember much about the early days, watching it with my stepfather when i was like 6 or 7 years old. the only thing I know is how my sister was supporting Trulli cause she thought his name was funny, while I supported Ralf Schumacher, cause I felt sorry for him having such a famous brother :D

10. What is your dream team? mhh… that’s difficult I think Mark Webber - Mitch Evans would have been huge!

thank you :))

bautiericsson asked
F1: 1, 5, 9, 12, 15 :D

1. Who is your favourite driver?
both Nicos, JEV and Button. But there are manymanymany more I really like :)

5. What is your best memory in F1?
China 2012. Seeing Nico winning a race was just wonderful!

9. What do you think of regulation 2015?
is there a word that describes bullshit being even more bullshit than anything bullshit you ever heard? That’s it! I hate all those new regulations. Give them a car and let them race!!

12. What is the ugliest car in 2014?
Definitley the Ferrari!

15. What is your dream podium?
realistic dream (1.ROS 2.BUT 3.HUL - okay is that really realistic?!) or more the kind of never-come-true-dream (1.VER 2.HUL 3.BUT)? Funny how I didnt put Princess in here, porbs cause we see him up there that often that it’s no longer a dream :D

Thanks for asking :)